Historical Romantic Thrillers by Jo Robertson

Weak Flesh

 A woman disappears near the banks of the Pasquotank River in 1901 and her body is found thirty-seven days later.  Marshal Tucker Gage must solve the mystery of what happened to beautiful Nell Carver who had too many boyfrien
ds and too little sense.  With the aid of his plain and practical friend Megan Bailey he plunders the murky depths of the darkness of men's hearts and the Great Dismal Swamp to find the truth.  

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Frail Blood, an historical suspense with romantic elements, semi-finalled in the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novelist Award.

4 1/2 star review from Romantic Times Magazine: "Robertson delivers a suspenseful tale of murder, sex, and deception." 

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California, 1909.  

Mousey Alma Bentley
 straps a pistol to her ankle, walks to her lover’s home, and kills him.  Her motive?  After an affair of four months, he jilted her for another woman.

How would an attorney defend the woman in light of her confession?  Would an all-male jury view her actions with repulsion or pity?  How did she win an eventual acquittal?  The bare bones of this true California case sparked the idea for the fictional story of Alma Bentley, attorney Malachi Rivers and Emma Knight, the newspaper woman who helps him.


Malachi Rivers defends his client the only way he can – insisting that a woman, a naturally frail creature, is incapable of committing such a heinous crime without the influence of a person of power -- a man.  But Emma Knight fights Malachi's defense every step of the way as the two of them discover the truth about what really happened the night Alma shot her lover.   

ABNA Publisher Weekly Reviewer
This outstanding manuscript begins in 1909 northern California, where Alma Bentley has murdered her boss and lover, Joe Machado. Enter the famed attorney, Malachi Rivers, who must defend this uneducated, naïve and clearly guilty woman. The trial is watched carefully by Emma Knight, an heiress who is determined to make her own way as a newspaperwoman and to whom Alma has confided the truth behind the murder. As love grows between Emma and Malachi, the two become partners in their efforts to save Alma from herself and from the biased hand of the law. The trial unfolds while the truth behind Malachi's family is unveiled, offering up two parallel and engaging mysteries. The characters and setting come to life through effective and creative dialogue, while the trial provides a unrelenting narrative tension. Don't be surprised if you finish it in one sitting.
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